Tagg Hamilton

name Tagg Hamilton is the Owner a highly profitable Christmas Light Installation company and author of 'Christmas Cash! The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Christmas Light Installation Business.

He also is the author and creator of Lawn Cash! The Ultimate Landscaping Business Kit and Window Cash! The Ultimate Window Cleaning Business Kit. Other great business start-up kits.


What You Should Know About Starting A Landscaping Business

03rd March 2009
According to the Bureau of Census Service Annual Survey , the lawn care and landscape business is a $46.8 billion industry in 2006. Each year, people spend that much on landscaping services. Over the last 10 years, the industry has grown considerably. The... Read >

Starting a Landscaping Business - What You Should Know

03rd March 2009
I have been in this business for over seven years. I saw it when it was small and have seen it grow exponentially! According to several sources, the landscaping industry has had an amazing 1000% increase in growth over the last 10 years! Also, residential... Read >